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Hi Tia,

We just got the pictures! They all look so beautiful. They are works of art. The colours and the shots are amazing. You sure as hell know how to do your job better than anyone else I have ever seen. I can't thank you enough. Chris and I seriously have 5 photos together (pre-meeting you) and these are pictures we will cherish for the next 50 years.

You truly made us feel at ease and comfortable. I can't wait until the wedding day! 

Maddy xo

Hi Tia,


This is just a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank-you from Chris and I. We looked at all the pictures today and loved them. We were laughing and smiling when looking at and remembering some of the funnier events (Audrey anyone?)! Each and every picture looks like something straight out of a magazine. The colours are amazing. They stayed true to who we are and I thank you very much for that. We love the way the day was captured in all of its true reality (robot dancing included)!


You rock. 



Copyright. 2018 Tia Kristina Photography

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